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Kharkov Branch of the All-Ukrainian public organization of invalids
"Union of organizations of disabled persons in Ukraine"—
Society of Disabled People of Kyiv region

Kharkov, ul. Mironositskaya 47, tel. / fax :700-49-94, E-mail:

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We are waiting for you at:

st. Mironositskaya 47
Monday, Thursday-
Tel / Fax:700-49-94

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Society of Disabled People of Kyiv region

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We are looking for is not indifferent people and foundations around the world.
We ask everyone to help people with disabilities in Ukraine.
This is not just a donation, and the actual social assistance projects.

Finances are needed to create a "Rehabilitation Centre" for persons with disabilities,
who came from the war-ATO.
In Kharkov, a lot of people with disabilities.
Web platform will help create social projects, where there is no bureaucrats, officials, bribe takers. All amounts and reports will be displayed on the website of the organization. The accuracy of the projects will be monitored through the Council of the society.

Welcome to our website. Our organization has been successfully operating since 1992, has extensive experience and skills. Hope to see you in our organization, you will see the great range of possibilities and new horizons in employment, education and healthcare. Companies will mutually beneficial cooperation and favorable terms, which will enable to carry out their activities with tax incentives. We invite all interested in employment of people with disabilities and their families for cooperation.

Information about the organization

Harkovskoe branch of All-Ukrainian public organization "Union of disability organizations in Ukraine" - Kiev District Society of Disabled People was founded in 1992 by a decision of the City Council Harkovskogo disabilities who live in the Kiev district, Harkova.

The organization's mission – integration of people with disabilities in society.

The objectives of the organization– promote an integrated socio - psychological adjustment and rehabilitation of people with disabilities to current conditions, identify and develop creative, work skills, promote professional development, greater involvement of people with disabilities.


The "Independent Life"

Our organization has carried out a series of training seminars on employment of people with disabilities under the "independent life", which is funded by the International Fund for "Revival» . Seminars are held in June-August 2011 in Balakliya, city Barvenkovo, Lozova, the Kharkiv region. Invited to participate, people with disabilities, their families, representatives of educational institutions, employers, representatives of local authorities and executive bodies, as well as leaders of social organizations of Kharkiv region.


Institute for Political Education

Institute of Political Education and the European program of the International Fund "Renaissance" for the second year in a row organized school of European integration for the leaders of public organizations. Participants in the first session of the School, which was held in Bucha near Kiev from June 30 to July 2, 2011, were 30 representatives from 20 regions of Ukraine. Our organization was represented Slobozhan Victoria. The project aims to increase awareness of leaders of public organizations of Ukraine on the Implementation of European integration to the reforms, the introduction of European standards and practices.


Pension reform in Ukraine to be

Tihipko had his way - the bill on changes to the pension system approved most of the deputies.


Business proposals

Society of Disabled People of Kiev district, Kharkov is looking for businesses for mutually beneficial cooperation. Are helping meet the requirements of the legislation on the implementation of the norms of employment of disabled people and unconditional tax benefits in accordance with applicable law.


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